Lemon Water Helps to Lose Weight

Lemon is known for their sour taste which is widely used for culinary and non-culinary purpose. The sour taste of lemon juice is derived from the high citric acid content in this fruit. 

There have been numerous claims of the effectiveness of a lemon juice diet in weight loss program. Is this true? If yes, how should I apply in my diet plan?

How does lemon juice help in weight loss?

Lemon juice, as aforementioned, contains high citric acid which when consumed, interacts with the digestive enzymes and acids in the digestive track to break down your food. 

Research has shown that the high acidic content of the lemon juice can lower the absorption of sugars from the food you eat. This means that the less sugar will be turned into fat when they are not in use in the body. Besides the juice, some dieters even eat the lemon peels along with the juice. This double the effectiveness of lemon in weight loss because the lemon peels contain pectic. Pectin helps in weight loss by turning into a gel-forming material in your stomach which reduces sugar absorption from the food you consume. 

In addition, lemon juice helps absorption of calcium. Higher acidity of the digestive system as a result of lemon juice consumption helps the body in the absorption of calcium from the food that you eat. This calcium will then be stored up in the fat cells. Research showed that calcium enhances fat-burning ability of the fat cells. 

How to eat lemon for weight loss?

There are several ways to introduce lemon juice into your body in order to achieve weight loss. You can simply drink lemon juice with warm water upon waking up in the morning. Make sure that the outside of the lemon is washed thoroughly. Add a slice to the water and sip like tea. 

Some people choose to lose weight through the cleansing effect of lemon juice. To achieve this, you can simply add a slice of lemon to drinking water and drink them throughout the day. You may also consume the lemon peel for its pectin which helps eliminate cravings. Drinking water with a whole lemon for weight loss is effective in weight loss and detox the body. 

You may also drink lemon juice with other natural ingredients such as honey. It's effectiveness remains the same.

To achieve fast weight loss, it is recommended that besides drinking lemon juice, you should also properly plan your diet and remember to exercise!

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