How to Lose Belly Fat for Men

Do you feel awkward when you see slim and smart guys in your office? You feel ashamed of your pot belly? Belly fat is not only a bugging issue for women, but it is gnawing at men nowadays.

Men under 40 tend to have a higher proportion of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat than women. Women store more visceral fat after menopause. Visceral fat is the invisible fat which is detrimental to our health if we do not pay attention and take good care of it. The most common diseases related to belly fat are heart disease and high blood pressure.  

Before your kid asks if you have a baby in your belly, adhere to the tips below to lose your belly fat:

Diet to Lose Belly Fat for Men:

Drink less beer! If possible stop drinking beer completely to see the drastic and fastest desired result. Beer has a high level of sugar content which on top of the unhealthy and fattening snack accompanying your drinking session will sweep fat into belly faster than your realization.Ask yourself, you gain the pot belly when you stopped going to gym three times a week, or when you started drinking 6 pints of beer three times a week? 

Drink plenty of water. During your weight loss schedule, your body needs a lot of water to smooth the fat-burning process and flush away toxins stored. Plain water is the best and healthiest choice as it contains ZERO calorie.  

Never skip meals! Are you tempted to skip meals to see the fastest result of trimming down your belly fat? This will only bring you all the side effects and couldn't help you much but bouncing your weight gain!

Eat breakfast. Never skip a breakfast as it is the first activity which facilitates metabolism wake-up after a long night of sleep. However, do not stuff your stomach with oily food like bacon or unhealthy drink like smoothie shake which is loaded with sugar and saturated fat.

Fibrous diet. Try to eat food which contain high fiber as much as possible. Recommended ones are apples, cherries, pears and oat which will lower your insulin level fast and this translates into less belly fat stored.

Avoid fattening food! Keep yourself away from junk food, soft drinks and dairy products. Replace your snacks between hours in office with fruits or water. Cut down unnecessary saturated fat intake which brings only damaging effect to your belly.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Men:

HITT (High Intensity Interval Training)! This is probably the best workout for men to lose belly fat fast. It involves short and intensive training sessions which makes you sweat out and out of breath. If you can still hold a conversation, then you are not working hard enough. But bear in mind, you can only do this every 2 days, which means you give yourself a break after each HITT to rebuild and recover your body.

Focus on heavy compound exercises. The ultimate way to get your fat belly out of sight is to build a muscle around it. Heavy compound exercises include bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press and dips. On top of that, keep changing the direction of your presses to keep your belly muscle stimulated which results in efficient belly fat loss.

Walk. Try to replace car with foot. Delicate yourself an hour on walking, be it for lunch, dinner, to work, or back home. Walking not only helps you to burn the calorie away, it helps also to strengthen your muscle, which in overall will you a better and more balanced appearance.

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