How Does Green Tea Help to Lose Weight

The headline "Green tea blasts away fat!" appears tonnes of times in fitness columns, newspapers, and blogs. It is not a wonder anymore that more and more people are now appreciating the sexy part of the Japanese ancient.

A research was carried out on an obese mouse and green tea showed a positive result on slowing down the mouse's weight gain. The essential component found in green tea in curbing weight gain is EGCG - Epigallocatechin-3-gallate. 

If you are looking for alternatives in addition to plain water and lemonade for your diet journal, green tea is absolutely a judicious choice. 

How Can Green Tea Help in Weight Loss?

Green tea boosts our body metabolism rate. The concentrated polyphenols content in green tea revs up our fat burning capacity (parthenogenesis). This generates heat in our body and quicken the process of shedding fat away.

Green tea lowers fat absorption and serves as a glucose regulator. The catechins inherited in green tea inhibits fat absorption from our daily meals into fat cells. Besides, it regulates the glucose level after our food intake by reversing the insulin resistance. Insulin functions to convert our excess sugar into glucagon which will be stored as fat in our body eventually if we do not use them. Subsequently, with controlled insulin spikes, fat will find it hard to surround our belly.

Green tea acts as an appetite suppressant. The caffein contained in green tea helps to suppress our hunger pangs. Therefore drinking a cup of green tea half to an hour before meals can prevent us from cravings for too much food at once over a meal.

What to be Looked Out? 

If you have health problems or are not feeling well after drinking green tea, please consult a doctor if to proceed. 

Never take green tea as the sole energy intake. A balance diet is still needed to maintain a good health.

How Much to Drink Every Day?

Experts suggest that drinking 3-5 cups of green tea every day, be it before or after meals, will let you see a notable result from your scale. 

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